Three Tips for Protecting Your Hardwood Floors This Holiday Season

With the holidays often comes entertaining, and naturally, more people in your home. While this can be a wonderful time of year, additional foot traffic can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors if preventative measures aren’t taken. As you get ready for guests, here are some of the best hardwood floor protection tips to consider for your Buffalo home this holiday season:

Place mats in the entryways:

If you frequently have company at your home during the holidays, it’s a good idea to place mats in all your entryways. Floor mats prevent people from tracking snow, salt, melted rainwater, mud, and other debris into your home which can cause damage to your floors. Taking steps to reduce any form of excess moisture on your flooring will help you maintain the quality of your hardwood. Additionally, having guests remove their footwear on mats before entering your home will eliminate floor scratches that can be caused by many types of footwear.

Add felt pads under furniture:

When getting your home ready for parties or gatherings, it’s common to move around pieces of furniture as you reorganize rooms to accommodate guests. Making sure there are felt pads underneath all your furniture (and rugs) will prevent scrapes and scratches that can cause serious damage to hardwood. These pads are easy to attach to any piece of furniture and will serve as a protective barrier for your floor.

Clean your floors frequently:

Shortly after having guests over, be sure to clean your floors so any moisture and residue does not linger or seep in the cracks. Cleaning up spills and messes quickly and frequently throughout the holiday season is the most effective way to keep your flooring free and clear of elements that can cause damage or discoloration over time. Using high-quality cleaning products designed specifically for hardwood is always recommended.

With these tips, you can prepare your floors for the holidays with peace of mind! If you’re in need of professional flooring services or hardwood floor protection ideas in Buffalo, NY, look no further than Modern Flooring! Get in touch and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation.