Building a Commercial Space? Three Reasons to Consider Epoxy Flooring

In the process of building a commercial space? With many flooring options available, it can be overwhelming to choose a floor that’s durable while being cost-effective. Offering a long lifespan and high functionality, epoxy flooring has become a popular option for all types of commercial spaces. Here are some of the top reasons to consider epoxy flooring for your Buffalo commercial building:

Clean and smooth appearance

For expansive floors in a commercial setting, epoxy offers a clean and smooth appearance that’s both professional and inviting. Because epoxy comes in so many different colors and patterns, it’s easy to find a design that complements the look of your building and overall interior. Additionally, epoxy coating resins camouflage scratches, cracks, and imperfections, allowing your floor to maintain its appearance for years to come.

High functionality

Epoxy is easily one of the most functional flooring choices for commercial properties due to its water-resistant quality and extreme durability. Epoxy can sustain anything from moisture to large spills without enduring major damage. Its damage resistance is especially important for industrial centers and laboratories where floors can often come into contact with hazardous substances.


If you’re on a tight budget, epoxy can be a very affordable option with a low cost per square foot. Epoxy flooring has a very easy installation process, requiring minimal labor and little upkeep in the long run. With the exception of recoating and touch-ups every so often, epoxy floors are incredibly easy to maintain over the course of several years.

These are just some of the many benefits of epoxy flooring for all types of commercial buildings. Modern Flooring, based in Buffalo, NY, has the experience and expertise to install your commercial flooring. Get in touch to learn more!