Refreshing Your Hardwood Floor after the Holidays

Does it seem like entertaining during the holidays takes its toll on your hardwood floors? Between holiday parties and social gatherings, the increased foot traffic can certainly cause minor or even major damage to your hardwood. Check out these tips for refreshing your hardwood floor after the holidays:


Recoating is the first option to consider when thinking about giving your floors a refresh. Because the coating on hardwood tends to diminish over time, recoating is an effective and non-intrusive treatment that replaces the most worn-down layer of your floor, restoring your floor’s natural sheen. Typically, recoating is a fairly affordable service, with cost based on your floor’s square footage.


In some cases, hardwood floors can take a beating after an influx of holiday guests and festivities in the home. If your floors need a refresh, refinishing can do wonders to restore their vibrant appearance (especially if your floors have had significant wear and tear over the years). For floors that have minor scratches or cracks, refinishing the hardwood floors in your Buffalo home may be an ideal option.

Replacing or installing new floors

If your home needs brand-new flooring, it’s best to wait until after the holiday season to schedule a floor installation. The post-holiday period is often an ideal time of year to have old, aging hardwood floors replaced by a professional. Scheduling installation during January or February – after the busy holiday rush – will give you more time to get the inside of your home ready for construction.

For more information about how to refresh your hardwood floors, the experts at Modern Flooring can help! At Modern Flooring, we have a variety of solutions to refresh the floors in your Buffalo home, with hardwood floor refinishing, repair, and installation services. Get in touch today with our team and learn about our many flooring services.