Three Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Did you recently buy or build a home with hardwood flooring? While hardwood floors require minimal care, some ongoing maintenance is important for ensuring they stay in top condition. Here are three care tips for hardwood floor maintenance in your Buffalo home that will keep them looking as good as new! 

Put protective pads on furniture. A simple yet very important step for maintaining your hardwood floors is to attach protective pads on all your furniture. Pads will prevent the bottoms of tables or chairs from scratching your floor and reduce the likelihood of indents or gouges. Small round felt pads are the most common type, as they can be cut and shaped to any size.    

Dust and clean weekly. Dusting and cleaning your hardwood floors on a weekly basis is essential for proper maintenance. It’s imperative to use a cleaner that’s made for your floor’s specific finish, as certain cleaning products can damage flooring and cause discoloration or deterioration. There are many effective cleaning products on the market that are environmentally friendly and safe to use. For dusting, a simple microfiber cloth will typically remove most debris and allergens that accumulate on your floor. 

Clean spills immediately. Untreated spills of any size can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors! It’s critical to clean all spills immediately, as the moisture can cause cupping, splitting, and gapping of the wood over time. If you have children or pets, chances are you have spills from time to time. Cleaning up spills as soon as they occur will ensure your floors do not experience any long-lasting discoloration or damage! 

By following the care tips above, you can maintain your hardwood floors for years to come. Do you have questions about how to care for your hardwood floors? Contact the hardwood floor maintenance experts at Modern Flooring in Buffalo, NY, and learn how we can help.