From its damage-resistant and spill-proof quality to its professional visual aesthetic, epoxy flooring is one of the hottest flooring trends for commercial properties today. Epoxy floors can be easily maintained while enduring all the typical wear and tear that occurs at a large building, facility, or industrial site. Whether you’re in the process of constructing or upgrading a commercial property, here are some of the key reasons to consider our commercial epoxy floors in Buffalo:

Damage resistant and spill-proof

Epoxy floor coatings protect against all types of flooring damages, including the most severe scratching and cracking. We offer different types of industrial resin floor coatings in Buffalo, with the strongest being very resistant to even the harshest chemicals. Damage resistance is especially important for large facilities, laboratories, or factors that use chemicals or experience spills from hazardous substances. Additionally, epoxy is often ideal for industrial floors in which heavy equipment is often used and dragged across the floor on a daily basis. Our commercial epoxy floors we offer in Buffalo can withstand the bulkiest equipment and tools, ensuring that no damage occurs and that facilities are adhering to all safety guidelines. Lastly, epoxy floors are spill-proof and waterproof, making any spills very easy to clean without sustaining any form of damage.

AffordabilityEasy installation and maintenance

Epoxy flooring is incredibly easy to install and maintain, making it a go-to choice for large commercial properties. Though epoxy installation may be more costly initially than other flooring, epoxy requires far less upkeep in the long run. Unlike carpets and other common flooring types, epoxy coatings do not need ongoing maintenance or repairs. By performing regular recoating and touch-ups as needed, our commercial epoxy floors in Buffalo can easily last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance, giving them an extended lifespan.

Clean and professional appearance

Because of its clean, professional appearance, epoxy flooring is a prime option for any type of commercial property. With the ability to customize and choose from a variety of designs and patterns, property owners can choose an epoxy coat that complements their building’s overall style or décor. Epoxy floor coatings are known for their bright, shiny appearance, allowing them to look brand new for years. Our industrial epoxy resin coatings in Buffalo can also camouflage scratches, cracks, and imperfections, maintaining an aesthetically pristine and well-kept surface.