A range hood can be a simple appliance in your kitchen, venting warm, moist air from your stovetop, or it can be a dramatic statement that makes your kitchen stand out, creating a focal point for the room. If you’ve been dealing with a range hood that is ugly or just doesn’t keep up with what’s needed in your kitchen, upgrading your range hood can be a great first step to correcting the problem at hand.

By drawing moisture and heat out of your kitchen

You can avoid potential issues with mold, mildew, and moisture in your home. Lack of proper ventilation can be a big problem in upstate New York’s long, damp winters. At Modern Flooring & Renovations, we understand how homes work, and we can help ensure that your kitchen renovation goes smoothly and makes you happy. Here’s what to expect in our three-step process.

  • Preparation: To start, we’ll investigate your electrical system to ensure your system is up to code and on a separate circuit breaker. We’ll measure to position your hood properly and ensure that you have proper exhaust pipe or charcoal filtration system in place.
  • Installation: During the installation, you’ll see the professionalism that Modern Flooring & Renovations is known for. We’ll take as much – or more – care of your home as we would with our own, ensuring that your hood is installed properly, and your property protected.
  • Finish: Rather than leaving you with the task, we take the time to carefully tailor the trim that comes with your ordered hood or can create customized trim that will meet your needs and blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen renovation.

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