Basement Floors

Planning to make changes to your basement floor? As one of the most growingly popular flooring options, our basement epoxy floors in Buffalo can give your basement a major facelift while offering many other useful benefits, including having slip-resistant, waterproof, and antimicrobial qualities that improve the functionality and safety of your basement. A professionally applied waterproof coating installation of epoxy in Buffalo can protect your basement floor, making it ideal for basements that often experience high levels of moisture and wear and tear.

Epoxy is a very practical flooring choice for basement floors for the following reasons:

  • As basement floors are known to accumulate bacteria over time, the antimicrobial properties of epoxy make it a great choice for basements of all types.
  • Because basements are often susceptible to moisture and water damage, epoxy is the perfect option for a flooring that’s water-resistant and repels the build-up of moisture.
  • If you’re planning to update your basement without spending thousands of dollars, epoxy is a very cost-effective option that can give you top-quality results.
  • Attractive design options. With basements often being dingy and drab, our basement epoxy floors in Buffalo can give your basement a much-needed pop of color! From bright, vibrant designs to more subtle color schemes, you’ll be sure to find an epoxy color that gives your basement a major upgrade. Whether you’re refinishing your entire basement or simply want to make some aesthetic updates, epoxy can meet your needs.

renovate your basement floor


If you’re planning to update or renovate your basement floor, be sure to consider the option of epoxy. From numerous designs to recoating finishes, there’s nothing not to love about epoxy! Get in touch with Modern Flooring, a top-rated epoxy flooring company, and learn about various options for your basement epoxy floors in Buffalo. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation and answer all your questions about the epoxy installation process.