As one of its most well-known features, our epoxy flooring in Buffalo is extremely durable – making it a great flooring option for homeowners with pets or children. Epoxy has a very long lifespan, requiring minimal maintenance over time. Epoxy flooring is very easy to clean, allowing for quick and easy clean-ups with the use of basic cleaning equipment. Most non-abrasive household cleaners are all that are needed for sufficient daily upkeep and maintenance.


The cost of installing epoxy is significantly more cost-effective per square foot than many other types of flooring. Because epoxy is generally installed over an existing concrete floor, it provides a solid flooring foundation and eliminates the need to spend a lot of money on epoxy coating materials. In the case that an epoxy coat needs to be replaced, the coat is the only layer that needs to be removed and the concrete floor underneath will remain untouched. This differs from many other flooring types and our commercial, home and garage epoxy floor coating in Buffalo does not require an entire demolition of the floor’s surface before a new flooring system is installed.

Aesthetic appeal

Epoxy is easily one of the most vibrant and visually appealing types of flooring for homes. The bright and reflective surface of epoxy can provide an incredible aesthetic for your home, drawing undeniable attention from anyone who comes across it. Additionally, if your concrete flooring is bare or uneven, our epoxy flooring in Buffalo can give it a cleaner and more even appearance. From traditional, neutral patterns to intricate combinations of colors and designs, there are countless types of epoxy looks to match your tastes and preferences. Our residential epoxy floor coating in Buffalo comes in a wide variety of coating options, as well as personalized design options for any room in your home.

Damage resistant

Due to its durability and minimal maintenance requirements, epoxy is very resistant to both minor and major damage. Epoxy flooring can withstand virtually any weather elements or spillage, making it the most slip-resistant and chemical-resistant flooring option on the market. Most interestingly, it’s also very resistant to bacteria and germs. Along similar lines, epoxy floors are known for being very safe. Even the smallest cracks or openings on the flooring are very easy to identify so they can be repaired promptly.

As a family-oriented company, Modern Flooring strives to treat all our customers like family. Our owner is involved in every step of the flooring process, from initial consultation to the final walk-through. Our epoxy flooring specialists in Buffalo are also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have on any job. Our goal is always to make our customers’ vision a reality, leaving them with breathtaking floors installed with the finest workmanship!

At Modern Flooring, we offer free estimates for the following epoxy services:

  • Residential – 10 Year warranty
  • Commercial – 5 Year warranty
  • Signature 3-layer flooring system (primer, epoxy, protective covering)

To learn more about epoxy flooring for your Buffalo home, please get in touch with Modern Flooring by calling (716) 909-7052. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation and provide a free estimate!