Update Your Entryway Flooring to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Winter in upstate New York means a lot of snow, ice, and slippery conditions. As you’re preparing for winter, have you considered the liability and danger that your entryway tile or other slippery surface may present to visitors? Here’s a quick look at how you can get this important bit of flooring in your home updated to provide traction, prevent accidents, and maintain your home’s beautiful appearance.

Update Your Entryway Flooring to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Part of the reason upstate New York emergency rooms see more slip and fall accidents during the winter is due to the snow, ice, and moisture that is tracked indoors on boots. Even with mats in place to help absorb some of the moisture, allowing it to evaporate over time instead of spreading out over your entryway floor, the high level of snow the region gets can overwhelm the capability of these mats to retain the moisture, leading to trails of water and slippery puddles that can cause accidents.

With an aging population in upstate New York, having entryway flooring that provides good traction even when wet is more important than ever. However, that doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice the appearance of your entryway for safety tiles that may not compliment your home’s interior as well as your existing flooring.

There are many types of flooring that incorporate better traction without giving up the beautiful appearance that you’re seeking. In many cases, you can find flooring that has a similar appearance to your existing flooring while providing much better traction due to the incorporation of less-slick glazes, natural ridges, subtle texture, and similar features. 

By updating your Buffalo home with entryway flooring installation services from Modern Flooring & Renovations, you can keep your home looking beautiful while preventing accidents, especially for small children and the elderly, who may not be as steady on their feet as adults. Protect these individuals and your home, business, or finances, by providing them with entryway flooring that provides good traction. If you’re ready to get started, contact Modern Flooring in Buffalo about entryway flooring installation services today. We can provide you with a quote, answer any questions you may have, or schedule a consultation.