Replacing Commercial Flooring Before Winter Storms


If the commercial flooring in your Buffalo business has taken some wear and tear this past year, replacing it before the worst of winter weather hits. But why should you replace it before the seasons shift again? There are a wide range of reasons, but no matter what your reason is, you’ll protect your business’ flooring investment by making the replacement sooner instead of later.

Replacing Commercial Flooring Before Winter Storms

So why should you get your commercial flooring replaced prior to winter storms? Here’s a quick rundown to get you started.

  • Water damage to your structure. If your existing commercial flooring is in poor condition, either entirely or in high-traffic areas, it may have lost its ability to prevent water from seeping through. It can cause structural damage, especially if you have a basement with wooden floor joists or steel that can rust.
  • Salt damage to your subflooring. Upstate New York is notorious for rusting cars in the winter due to the salt that’s on the roads and sidewalks to keep people and vehicles from sliding around. That salt ends up on the bottom of shoes, carts, and any number of other items that come into your business, which can cause a range of damaging effects.
  • It looks bad for business. If your business has visitors or customers, a bad appearance can make people visiting your site wonder about the financial stability of your business. Replacing commercial flooring that is worn, torn, scratched, or faded can make a big difference to the impressions people receive of your business.
  • Improve your company’s appearance before the holiday season. Just as bad flooring makes your company look bad, new flooring makes it look fabulous, a great option when the holiday season is around the corner. By getting new flooring installed at your business now, it will fit in with a wide range of improvements you can make before the season starts.

Is the commercial flooring in your Buffalo business in need of a floor replacement, an update, or significant repair? If so, the experienced professionals at Modern Flooring can help you find the right solution for your home or business. If you’re ready for more information, a consultation, or a quote, please feel free to reach out today.

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