Concrete Grinding/Polishing

At Modern Flooring we offer a wide range of expert and rewarding flooring services for residential and commercial needs, including concrete grinding and polishing. Our process smooths down rough concrete surfaces, removing imperfections and inconsistencies to provide a shiny, like-new floor. Whether you’re looking to restore damaged concrete as preparation for another flooring option or to enjoy as-is, we complete the job swiftly and to exacting standards.

Concrete grinding/Polishing in buffalo

Modern Flooring is a smaller company, dedicated to more personalized service, exceptional quality, and customer satisfaction. Our team consists of three experienced professionals, so our concrete floor refinishing experts serve Buffalo with uncompromising quality and customer service. Offering concrete grinding and commercial floor polishing across Buffalo New York, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and proven processes to remove paint, epoxies, dirt, stains, and other signs of wear and tear.


Let us maximize the advantages of your concrete flooring. Grinding and polishing offer an affordable option without sacrificing results. Along with significantly improving appearance, polishing works to resist scratches and stains, lessening maintenance requirements, and increasing cleanliness, safety, and potential productivity. Give us a call to explore options for concrete floor refinishing in Buffalo and western NY. We’ll help you find the ideal floor treatment for your goals and ensure total satisfaction. Our name may be Modern Flooring, but our bar for quality is at the ceiling!