Reasons to Consider Epoxy Flooring for Your Basement

Planning to refinish your basement? For most basement refinishing projects, new floor installation is part of the renovation process. As you consider various flooring options, be sure to consider the benefits of epoxy flooring. Known as one of the hottest flooring trends of today, epoxy has many appealing qualities for homeowners. Here are some of the reasons to explore epoxy basement flooring for your Buffalo home:

Antimicrobial and waterproof

Because basements are often breeding grounds for moisture and bacteria, the antimicrobial and waterproof quality of epoxy makes it the ideal flooring choice. Epoxy is water-resistant, smooth, and non-porous, which means it repels moisture, spills, dirt, and debris. Epoxy flooring is also very easy to keep clean and sanitize, making basement maintenance a breeze.


Unlike many common flooring types, epoxy is a surprisingly affordable flooring choice. This is especially helpful for basements with expansive flooring spaces, as the price per square foot is very cost-effective. If you want high-quality flooring without spending thousands of dollars on your basement project, epoxy flooring can give you the best results.

Many flooring design options

If you’re planning to refinish or remodel your basement, chances are you want new and attractive flooring. There are multiple types of epoxy coatings available, with varying colors and patterns to match your design preferences. Whether you want a huge pop of color or a more neutral color scheme, there’s bound to be an epoxy coating that matches your vision. 

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