Looking for a New House? Top Flooring Questions to Ask

On the house hunt? As you tour different houses, there are many factors to consider – with one of them being flooring! Educating yourself about flooring will help you make the best purchasing decision for your family and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a new house in Buffalo, here are three top questions to ask about new home flooring:

Are the floors pet-friendly?

Having a durable and easy-to-maintain floor is essential with pets. If you own a dog or cat, a home with mostly carpeting probably isn’t ideal. You may want to consider homes with hardwood flooring, tile, and vinyl that can be easily cleaned and do not hold on to dirt, debris, and odors. If you do buy a home with a lot of carpet, you’ll have to invest in proper cleaning supplies to remove pet stains and keep your rug free of bacteria.

How old are the floors?

As you buy a home, it’s helpful to know the age of the flooring so you can plan ahead for any potential refinishing or replacements that may be needed in the months and years to come. The age of the floors will help you get a sense of how worn down they may be, as well as how well they will sustain future wear and tear. Depending on the current condition of a home’s floors, you may need to budget ahead for new flooring or refinishing.

How easy are the floors to maintain?

Every type of flooring requires a varying level of maintenance. For example, vinyl and laminate flooring requires very minimal maintenance with just some basic everyday cleaning. In contrast, wood flooring tends to require more intensive cleaning and upkeep, as well as occasional refinishing to restore its surface. By understanding the maintenance involved with a home’s flooring, you’ll know what type of upkeep to expect.

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