What’s Involved in a Basement Guest Suite Remodel?

When you’ve got a basement, you’ve got a world of options at your disposal with regards to what it can become. One option that many homeowners decide to go with is a guest suite, providing room for visitors to get comfortable and rest. But what are some of the options and considerations when you’re having a basement guest suite remodel done? In this post, we’ll get into the details so that you know what to expect.

What’s Involved in a Basement Guest Suite Remodel?

A guest suite can be as simple or complex as you want, from a single extra bedroom to a small apartment for longer-term guests. Generally speaking, it should have, of course, a bed. However, from here, you have additional options. A bathroom is handy, as it keeps traffic jams down to a minimum. What about a snack bar that could also serve a theater room or rec room in the basement? A sitting area is another great option to consider.

As our population ages, many individuals are looking at guest suites that have seating areas, bathrooms, and mini kitchens in addition to a bedroom as an in-law or elderly suite. These also work well for multi-generational housing, where a young adult may want to have their own space, but don’t have the finances in place to buy or rent their own home yet.

A basement remodeling project can be simple if it’s just adding a bedroom, or more complex if you’re adding a full apartment in that space. If your basement has humidity issues, consider adding a dehumidifier to the project, and go with greenboard rather than regular drywall to keep mold and mildew at bay. Similarly, going with water-resistant or waterproof flooring can provide better options in damp areas.

A basement guest suite provides Buffalo homeowners with a great area for guests to unwind and relax, and the extra amenities will make them comfortable and a bit more self-sufficient. Ready to get started planning out a basement guest suite for your Buffalo home? At Modern Flooring & Renovations in Buffalo, our home renovation and design team is always happy to work with you to turn your concept into reality. Contact us today to get started on your next project.