Transforming Your Bathroom Into a More Useable Space


When you’ve got only one or two bathrooms in your home and a lot of people using them, bathroom time can come at a premium. Fortunately, there are ways to transform your existing bathroom into a more functional space. But how can that happen? Below are some ways that a bathroom transformation for your Buffalo home can make your bathroom more usable.

Transforming Your Bathroom Into a More Useable Space

Whether your bathroom suffers from a poor layout, lack of storage, or simply not enough functionality, a bathroom remodel can make a huge difference in your home and family. Here are just a few of the ways that Modern Flooring & Renovations’ Buffalo bathroom renovation contractors can help make your space more usable.

  • Adding storage space. Sure, it was cute finding the cat curled up in the towel basket – the first five times. It’s not so cute any more, so let us add some cabinets to give you more storage space.
  • Moving fixtures to make better use of space. Let’s face it – climbing over the toilet to get to the tub isn’t working. Let’s see what a little rearranging can do to make your space work better.
  • Change out bathtubs for showers. Baths are great for cleaning up little kids and soaking in when you’ve got time, but when too many people are using the bathroom, who has time?
  • Bump out or up for more headspace. You loved the half-story when the kids were little, but your basketball center son makes it impossible. A little more headroom makes everyone happy.
  • Change out slippery flooring. Sure, that tile looked cute, but when you’ve got to cover it with a ton of anti-slip mats and rugs to make it safe, it isn’t so cute. We’ve got a ton of options for you.
  • Gain space by installing a narrower shower stall. Instead of replacing a tub with the same size shower, why not go a little narrower and add some cabinets for toilet paper and extra towels?

As you can see, there are a lot of options available to make your bathroom work with your family instead of creating a morning bottleneck. If you’re ready to look at your options, Modern Flooring & Renovations’ Buffalo bathroom renovation contractors are here to help. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, concerns, or to get more information on how we can help make your current home one to love.

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